System Hosts

Perpetual Energy Systems, LLC enables industrial, commercial, institutional and municipal enterprises to take advantage of renewable solar energy without requiring any capital expenditure from the system host. These hosts agree to the construction of a solar energy array on their property in exchange for financial and social benefits delivered through the creation of renewable energy.

Perpetual utilizes conventional solar services agreements / Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) to offer green electricity produced by a system at a reduced cost. System hosts can establish a fixed price with a pre-determined annual escalator to hedge electricity prices or select an avoided cost structure offering a set discount on the energy purchased from Perpetual compared to the cost of electricity paid to a traditional utility provider.

In addition to a reduction in energy costs, system hosts significantly decrease their carbon footprint through utilizing energy from clean technology and gain a reputation as an environmentally conscious corporate citizen. No other energy source provides a system host with a faster timeline for activation, delivering clean energy in as little as three months instead of years.

Perpetual is consistently seeking industrial, commercial, institutional and municipal enterprises to partner with as system hosts. By accepting the economic risk for every project, from construction through completion, Perpetual requires with no capital investment from the system host. This level of commitment underscores the vested interest Perpetual has in the successful design, implementation and ongoing operation of each system the company engages for the life cycle of the system, typically 25 years.