Jefferson Union High School District


Jefferson Union High School District
1.53 MW DC

Jefferson Union High School District includes four high schools and one continuation high school, serving the San Francisco Bay Area. The four high schools: Westmoor, Oceana, Jefferson, and Terra Nova are host to a 1.53 MW DC roof-mounted solar installation system, comprised of 9,394 mono-crystalline solar panels. By combining conventional financing and equity raised through federal renewable energy tax credit, PES installed and developed the panels without requiring any cash outlay from the host. The total system is estimated to produce an annual energy output of 2,338,352 kWh, eliminating 1,679 metric tons of CO2 emissions a year. 

The reduction of 1,679 metric tons of CO­­2 is equivalent to: 

  • Taking 321 passenger vehicles off the road for the year
  • Electricity used to power 204 homes for the year
  • Carbon sequestered by 43,059 tree seedlings grown for 10 years
  • 8.8 railroad cars worth of coal