Completed Projects

Perpetual Energy Systems specializes in solar systems ranging from 350 kilowatts to 10 megawatts for industrial, commercial, institutional and municipal enterprises. Outlined below is a comprehensive list of systems in operation.


System Host

System Size

Facility Type


Foster’s Wine Estates (Asti)

1.19 MW DC


Sonoma County, CA

Foster’s Wine Estates (Beringer)

1.36 MW DC


Napa Valley, CA

Foster’s Wine Estates (Etude)

103 kW DC


Napa Valley, CA

Foster’s Wine Estates (Stags’ Leap)

226 kW DC


Napa Valley, CA

Siemens Transportation Systems

1.159 MW DC


Sacramento, CA

City of Willits

422 kW DC

Water Treatment Plant

Willits, CA

Diocese of San Jose

886 kW DC


Santa Clara County, CA

California Institute of Technology

1.15 MW DC

Major University

Pasadena, CA

Santa Clara University

968 kW DC

Major University

Santa Clara, CA

Jefferson Union High School District

1.53 MW DC

School District

Daly City, CA

University of Delaware 849 kW DC Major University Newark, DE