Integration Partners

The relationship between Perpetual Energy Systems, LLC and its integration partners is instrumental to the company's business strategy. As specialists in finance and ownership of distributed solar energy systems, Perpetual relies on solar energy system integrators to ensure the streamlined implementation of each project the company identifies and undertakes. As a result, Perpetual is consistently seeking to identify and build relationships with reliable integration partners who are leaders in the design, engineering, construction, operations and maintenance of renewable solar energy systems.

A partnership with Perpetual offers integrators financial assistance when projects they have identified lack the funding necessary to get it off the ground. The combination of a long heritage in finance and unmatched relationships with investors enables Perpetual to provide construction loans and permanent equity to the right projects in both strong and uncertain economic times. Unlike conventional financing channels, Perpetual stands ready and able to provide the financing necessary to turn potential distributed solar energy projects into operational facilities. As the owner of the completed system, Perpetual supports the projects it finances and is committed to deliver on the promise of creating sustainable energy systems.