Diocese of San Jose


Diocese of San Jose
886 kW DC

The Diocese of San Jose is host to a 886 kW DC ground and roof-mounted solar installation system, comprised of panels at five parish/school combinations, including Holy Spirit, Holy Family, St. Christopher, Queen of Apostles, St. Lucy, as well as Gate of Heaven Cemetery. The site is projected to produce 1,260,140 kWh during its full year of operation, representing approximately 70 percent of each site’s individual energy needs. At no cost to the host, PES funded the entire installation through a combination of conventional financing with federal energy tax incentives. The Diocese of San Jose considers the project as an encouragement to the community to reduce its carbon footprint and increase energy independence. The whole system is estimated to generate 1,260,140 kWh, eliminating more than 905 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually.

The reduction of 905 metric tons of CO2 is equivalent to:

  • Taking 173 passenger cars off the road for the year

  • Electricity used to power 110 homes for the year

  • Carbon sequestered by 23,205 tree seedlings grown for 10 years

  • 4.7 railroad cars worth of coal