Project Origination

Each project Perpetual Energy Systems, LLC develops originates through one of two business channels. The unique ability to finance and execute solar installations attracts a variety of integrators interested in combining their engineering, construction and installation skills with the successful underwriting and asset management proficiencies of Perpetual. When viable projects are brought to Perpetual, the company is prepared to and capable of providing construction financing and permanent equity early in the process to ensure the project gets off the ground. The company is committed to establishing new partnerships with proven integrators from around the country who share the same dedication and devotion for harnessing renewable solar energy as Perpetual.

In addition to identifying and cultivating relationships with integration partners, Perpetual is fortunate to have long-standing, committed relationships with Fortune 1000 corporations throughout the country. Senior leadership at Perpetual is consistently working with these enterprises to develop an implementation strategy for the creation of sustainable energy, which in turn can lead to more opportunities for Perpetual and its integration partners.