Company Overview

Perpetual Energy Systems, LLC is one of the five business units comprising The Alliant Company, a privately-owned, national finance and investment firm that manages assets valued at $6 billion and is also a leading tax credit equity syndicator.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Perpetual serves the solar energy needs of enterprises committed to the use of clean, renewable energy. Perpetual strives to create greater access to renewable solar energy systems, ranging in size from 350 kilowatts to 10 megawatts, for industrial, commercial and municipal enterprises by utilizing innovative financing, expediting installation and streamlining ongoing operations. Perpetual partners with leading solar integrators and installers to ensure each installation is custom tailored to meet the energy needs of system hosts quickly, efficiently and successfully without requiring any capital outlay.

The Perpetual team consists of veterans of the power, solar, tax credit syndication and financial service industries. Our combined knowledge of conventional financing, construction, permanent debt and equity, federal and state energy programs, along with our track record for developing successful distributed solar energy generation systems, gives Perpetual a unique competitive advantage in the renewable energy marketplace. 

Perpetual develops solar energy systems with no capital outlay required from the host client by utilizing the Power Purchase Agreement. Perpetual accepts the entire economic risk for each solar project, from construction through completion and long-term operation and maintenance. Perpetual remains on the forefront of developing sustainable energy using innovative finance methods. 

Perpetual is committed to creating green jobs, reducing reliance on the existing energy grid and circumventing foreign oil dependency by facilitating greater energy sustainability.