Business Strategy

The business strategy for the creation and ownership of clean, green energy platforms by Perpetual Energy Systems, LLC is based on two core competencies. First, the company's strength is its ability to finance projects during both prosperous and difficult economic times. With roots in the tax credit and finance industries, Perpetual has established and maintained strong financial relationships with investors and finance partners cultivated by the Alliant Company over the past 13 years. These long-term associations and successful partnerships enable Perpetual to develop and execute well-structured, secure and creditworthy transactions. This critical competency, combined with extensive experience orchestrating these transactions, strategically positions Perpetual as one of the most reliable leaders in the expanding solar and renewable energy marketplace.

The second element of the Perpetual business strategy is its ability to quickly and efficiently evaluate and execute the most viable projects. Long-term relationships exist because of the company's capacity to identify projects which will ultimately benefit each of our partners. Senior leadership has developed a streamlined process for evaluating and driving projects through rigorous technical and economic vetting processes. Only the highest quality projects survive credit analysis, due diligence, underwriting and approval to ensure Perpetual delivers on its commitments.

The Perpetual team consists of veterans of the power, solar, tax credit syndication and financial service industries. Our combined knowledge of conventional financing, construction, permanent debt and equity, federal and state energy programs, along with our track record for developing successful distributed solar energy generation systems, gives Perpetual a unique competitive advantage in the renewable energy marketplace.

Perpetual has completed over $60 million in renewable energy projects over the past year and presents a secure and viable opportunity for investors and partners in renewable energy. Regardless of the economic conditions or changes to the solar industry, Perpetual will remain a committed leader and partner in the sustainable energy marketplace.